Acquiring and retaining talented employee is the key to the organization's success. Tayo offers high-calibre employee, the opportunity to build a rewarding career. To be a part of Tayo Team, one needs to be able to imbibe and live by TATA values and ethical standards, and have the skills and motivation to play a major role in Tayo’s journey to success.

At Tayo, we consider human aspect   to be our greatest asset. Presence of professional, self-motivated individuals in every part of the organization are the key  success factors which contributes towards achieving the goals set in our organization.

Tayo takes care of your career while you give your best to the organization through a well-structured career progression scheme. Besides providing immense opportunities to learn and develop, the organization takes care that an individual  progresses at a desired pace befitting his capabilities. At Tayo, Career path has been designed to enable employees understand the requirements of upward mobility and growth in the organization. We use competency evaluation and performance as criteria for growth. Adequate cross-functional exposure and developmental opportunities are provided to all employees which enables them to enhance their individual capabilities.