TAYO has the best combination of melting furnaces. The Electric Arc Furnace is used for manufacture of high strength alloy Iron, high quality SG and Steel Rolls. The mains frequency induction furnaces are used for small and medium sized cast iron, steel and SG Rolls. 

These furnaces also provide highly alloyed shell metal in indefinite chill quality rolls which are cast through static and centrifugal route. Shell metal for high chrome iron and Steel rolls are also processed in these furnaces. The wide variety of furnaces offers full flexibility in production of rolls of different sizes and weights.

The melting is carried out using carefully segregated scrap, pig Iron and ferro alloys to achieve the desired composition. The melting unit is backed by a modern analytical laboratory using a computerised vacuum spark emission spectrometer and other automatic analysis for different elements.

Facilities Available:

* Melting / Foundry
* Heat Treatment
* Machining