Our Induction Hardening shop is equipped with Journal and Barrel Induction Hardening machine with associated heating and  heat-treatment facilities with Sub-Zero (cryogenic) treatment facility for Forged Rolls. This is the shop where Forged Roll take birth from Forged Blank.

At the heart of this shop we have state of the art Induction Hardening machine supplied by Inductotherm (Belgium) for Induction Hardening of Forged Roll Barrel. The equipment is Dual Coil Dual Frequency progressive type induction hardening machine where we can produce forged roll having diameter range of 240mm to 840mm.

We can produce Work Roll , Intermediate Roll and Low diameter Back Up Roll. Based on the Customer Specification , Mill type , Mill usage etc we select hardening parameter to meet Customer’s expectation.

This shop is unique in a way that here we have the facility of hardening journal portion through high frequency induction hardening to achieve journal hardness requirement of various customers.

All the forged rolls produced are passed through Cryogenic Furnace [Sub Zero Treatment] after barrel hardening to reduce retained austenite and improve depth of hardness and hardness uniformity.

Coupled with these we are also available low temperature and high temperature furnaces to reduce internal stresses and achieve customer specification.

Quality being a Driving force we have number of world class instruments to check our product quality and monitor our equipments and furnaces for consistent operation.