TAYO has the best combination of melting furnaces used for manufacturing of different types of metal grades for various types of rolls. The 25 Metric ton Electric Arc Furnace is used for manufacture of  forging quality steel.

The LF VD unit provides stricter control of the chemistry and clean metal free from harmful inclusions. It also ensures hydrogen content restricted between 0.7 ppm to 2.00 ppm to produce world class Forging Quality Steel. TAYO is also equipped with 8 Metric ton and 16 Metric ton main frequency Induction Furnaces, together with 8 Metric ton medium frequency Induction furnace with double crucible. These Induction Furnaces produce world class Cast Steel Rolls.

The Induction and Arc Furnaces offer flexibility in production of rolls and Ingots of different sizes and weights.


We have conventional processes - Static / Mono casting rolls are poured through bottom to ensure cleanliness of roll body surface. Electrical Hot-Topping is a unique feature available for steel-based rolls to ensure soundness.


State-of-the-art horizontal spin casting machine is used to produce high end cast rolls. The entire process is sophisticated control and monitoring device to ensure compliance to customers' specifications.